About Us

It Is What It Is & It Ain’t What It Ain’t!

Stinky’s Fish Camp is setting a trend on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Fun, cool and comfortable, Stinky’s is a Seafood & Wine Bar that you just won’t want to leave.Only the freshest ingredients and local seafoods are used to create classic dishes, with a well thought out wine list that is based on taste, not price, to round out the experience. With two waterfront locations on the Emerald Coast, come by with your friends and hang out with us! Please peruse our savory menus with your event in mind. Our menu packages are easily tailored or customized for the perfect pairing of food and fellowship. Please call our Catering Director to discuss your desires thoroughly. She will work with you to plan all the details, and our well-seasoned staff is positioned to provide a seamless flow of mouthwatering fare.